Terms Of Services

WEBMECCANO considered that all the contents of the sites hosted illegal to have, store, or exchange of any information that conflicts with international laws and norms or local is considered prohibited, including:

  • any political or news feature content
  • everything that violates intellectual property rights in all its forms.
  • any sectarian or racist content or includes vituperation or vilify or ridicule of any sect of people or any faith.
  • any form of pornography or obscenity or publishing indecent material, whether Read or audible or visible.
  • contents that incite crime or to promote one form or another drug or drugs or weapons and encourage the handling and use.
  • anything about the hack and hackers and content that promotes programs and services and explanations penetrates the sites and services and destruction.
  • armed groups sites in all its kinds.
  • Occult Services and metaphysics sites.
  • gambling and lotteries and other likely sites.
  • anything that is considered confidential or prohibited from publishing.
  • All that causes injury or threat to a person or a particular group.
  • Everything in contradiction with the general orientation of the country.
  • providing deceptive services or materials.
  • linkage with external sites containing any of the foregoing.


Any of the following activities are considered forbidden:

  • providing false information about the personal data or about the account and the subsidiary.
  • services and activities that lead to the suspension or reduction of server performance.
  • copying of any part of the contents of this site, including templates and designs and using outside WEBMECCANO.
  • not allowed attempting to access to other locations within the server.
  • Using sites hosted in our attempt to sabotage the other sites or distribution of sabotage files or viruses.
  • The use of hosting space to save the backup from other sites.
  • The use of hosting space to put Proxy programs.
  • dissemination of viruses or any other form of malicious programs across the network.
  • Sending any advertising or promotional materials, unwanted or unauthorized or any other form of invitations or collective messages (Spam).

WEBMECCANO reserves the right to remove any account or content contrary to the above or that the company deems undesirable immediately and without any prior notice content.


Service Summary


WEBMECCANO service is SaaS (software as a service) that allows you to create Web, review, and control site via the browser and can make the site available on the Web via an annual subscription.

Service can be linked with a particular domain when subscription service so that the site appears when you order this domain without any presence of actual software files where they are generating site that is created dynamically when you request any page from it through the server WEBMECCANO service pages. It does not have a dedicated area of the site hosting by the traditional concept of the subject.


Characteristics of service:

  • rapid completion of the site.
  • cost savings.
  • no experience in programming or design is needed.
  • full control of the site on several levels:
  • the possibility of modifying the content and adding a new one.
  • The ability to add new pages and sections directly.
  • the possibility of changing the site’s design of available designs library.
  • the possibility of design control in terms of changing colors, backgrounds, and fonts.


You can add an unlimited number of sections and pages on the site, and a wide range of departments that are required for any site, such as text pages, news, blog, photo gallery is available, product manual, repetitive FAQ questions, video gallery, jobs advertising, files for download (Downloads), Links, calendar of events, the company’s branches, contact us .. etc.

The service is provided with the possibility to create an email address on the domain name and website hosting is allocated on a dedicated e-mail server space. The number of e-mail accounts and different spaces hosted by subscription type.

In the absence of a desire to continue the service, you can generate static copy from the site in the form of files to put it on a different server version but will lose all the possibilities of the amendment on the site provided by WEBMECCANO service and the ability to search it.

Credits of WebMeccano will be added in the footer if you need a white branded it will cost an extra 30% over the selected package


Anyone who uses location services accepts to protect WEBMECCANO from any legal prosecution or damage or loss caused by his location, it is also considered OK on the entire judicial and financial responsibility and moral bearing on the damage caused by, nor WEBMECCANO responsible to compensate its customers bear any form of loss resulting from the implementation of the decision issued by the official authorities (local or international) towards any of the customers.


Disclaimer of Warranties

User acknowledges that he uses WEBMECCANO on his own responsibility wherever and as available from its services and it does not provide any warranty of any kind in this regard including commercial guarantees, or used for special purposes or particular or guarantees concerning the provision of certain requirements of the users or warranties regarding stopping of services or service interruptions or free from errors and defects, and WEBMECCANO makes no guarantees to the consequences for the use of its services or for the accuracy or validity of the information received through it, and the user acknowledges that he fully understands and accepts that the information and data and materials obtained through WEBMECCANO services are on his own responsibility and that he agrees that any oral or written advice received or has obtained through use of WEBMECCANO does not constitute nor imply any kind of guarantees mentioned here or not remember.


Amendment Use Policy

We may edit usage policy at any time by amending this page and any amendment to these Terms and Conditions takes immediate effect unless otherwise indicated. You are expected to check this page from time to time for any changes where those changes are considered legally binding for you. some of the provisions contained in this policy also provisions or notices contained in any other place on this website can be replaced.